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What's git//scale?

git//scale is a game-changing code analytics platform that adds an economic incentive to Open Source projects, by giving developers a stake on the code they contribute. Because of this, git//scale-enabled projects typically enjoy higher levels of maintenance and shorter issue turnaround times to the enterprise customers that use them.

The Usual Open Source Workflow

We want to change the way Open Source is funded, not the way code is collaboratively built. If it's perfect, don't fix it.

No More Manual Setup of Bounties

Just choose how you want to reward your contributors, let them submit their pull requests, merge them, and gs// will work its magic and reward each contribution.

GitHub Integration

If you're on GitHub, you're just one click away from git//scale. If you install our Chrome Extension, you can set up repositories on gs//, fund repositories, fund developers, invite your friends and more.

Fair Allocation of Donations

Because donations are allocated according to the contribution of each developer, there's less administrative overhead and more fairness.

Balances at Each Level

Every entity on gs// - repositories, issues, and users - have a running balance on the platform, that is dynamically updated with donations and code contributions.

A New Open Source License

Taking Open Source to the next level requires a new Open Source License that protects the code contributors' rights while preserving the usual Open Source freedoms.

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Project Maintainers

Run a fairer, better incentivized project that typically delivers better levels of maintenance and shorter issue turnaround times.


Code. Commit. Submit a pull request. See it merged. Only now, you may earn passive income from the code you contribute and maintain.

Companies using
Open Source Software

Companies and corporations that rely heavily on Open Source software can choose git//scale-enabled repositories to enjoy higher levels of maintenance and shorter issue turnaround times.

Sponsors and Backers

git//scale offers a better model for sponsors by allocating donated funds based on merit of code contributions. Plus, because every project, issue, and developer has its own balance, gs// allows for specifying donation terms, such as funding a specific developer to work only on a specific project.


Founded in 2018, we're a young, multi-disciplinary team based in Porto, Portugal. Mixing software development, product management, UX, business and legal expertise, and having previous startup experience, we focus on building scalable solutions to concrete problems through technology, design, business and legal.


Diogo L. Pereira

CEO and Founder


Nuno Barrocas

Tech Senior Advisor


Guilherme Maia

Business Developer and Legal


Fullstack Developer


git//scale: An economic layer on top of the git protocol

Open Source software is now pervasive, with 96M repositories and 45% of Fortune 100 companies using GitHub. But with success comes the demand for better reliability and stability. Learn how gitt//scale is using economic incentives to take Open Source to the next level.
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